Mini-Grant Application for School Year 2019-2020

Submitted by: Michelle Coolican Email: Grade Level: 7/8 Subject: STEM/Science/Engineering
Co-Applicant: Email: Grade level: Subject:

School: Buddy Taylor Middle School Type: xxx Grade Levels:7/8 County:Flagler

Approx. Enrollment: Number of teachers:982

School Address:

4500 Belleterre Parkway
Palm Coast, FL Florida 32164

Phone: 386-446-6700 Principal:Robert Bossardet Email:

Twitter: @BTMSSTEM

Project Title: Come Push Our Buttons: Game Design for our Educational Arcade
Project Dates: December 2-May 2020 Grade Levels:

Focus Area(s) :STEM- Science- Engineering - Software Design

We are excited to implement a new classroom experience at our school called the Eagle Educational Arcade. We have partnered with our school’s administrative team to designate a specific classroom which will permanently showcase a student designed, created, and managed educational arcade. Beginning this year, Buddy Taylor Middle School students will have the opportunity to earn an ICW Game Design state certification during their STEM class. Students in our STEM classes will learn Game Design Principles, coding and the engineering design process. Additionally, students will conduct research at a retro arcade and museum to learn the history of arcades, as well as conduct research about game consoles, and learn what makes a game engaging. Students will then combine coding, engineering and robotics skills to design and build their own educational arcade games. The games will focus on the NGSSS science standards, with the goal to teach younger students about animal habitats, ecology, and other environmental and life science standards. We are fortunate to have our campus attached to an elementary school, and are excited to partner with 2nd-6th grade classes, allowing them to participate in and learn from this arcade experience.


How is your project innovative?   (25 points)
This project will prepare students for future endeavors in STEM, engineering and computing fields. Our project blends innovative technology with retro video games, demonstrating to students how digital game design has evolved over the last few decades. Middle school students will have the opportunity to learn coding and game design concepts while engaging in a project that matches their interests, and learn about all the skills and content-areas that are needed to create a single game. They will then design and build gaming consoles to house the student designed video games. This project is also innovative by creating a reward space in our school, providing our STEM students with an authentic audience for their games.

How will it fit into your curriculum (include standards)? (10 points)
Students will focus on their ecology standards, (SC.7.L.17.3 Describe and investigate various limiting factors in the local ecosystem and their impact on native populations, including food, shelter, water, space, disease, parasitism, predation, and nesting sites, SC.7.L.17.2 Compare and contrast the relationships among organisms, such as mutualism, predation, parasitism, competition, and commensalism, and SC.7.L.17.1 Explain and illustrate the roles of and relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers in the process of energy transfer in a food web,)as the video game content. Students will then take their engineering and computer standards to design and create video games about their ecology topics; for example a student may choose to design a video game about food webs or limiting factors. All games will include their technology standards along with an ecology standard of their choice.

How will it encourage long-lasting change in your classroom, school or community? (20 points)
This project will definitely make an impact on our school and community. The student arcade will inspire a spirit of innovation across our campus, and provide a connection between our students and the elementary school next door. The elementary students, along with our own middle schoolers will have opportunities to visit the arcade and learn more about game design and environmental science standards. Our goal is to inspire our younger learners to design, create, and get excited about the possibilities of STEM learning. The Educational Arcade will be the fist of its kind in our district and we hope to encourage and teach other schools these gaming techniques so they too can add fun educational gaming sites at their campus.

How will technology be utilized?  (20 points)
Technology will be utilized throughout this project. Students will use code, Makey Makey, computers, gaming controllers, and robotics equipment to build their arcade games. They will also design and code their games using iPads and Macbook Air computers. Graphic design software will be used to create logos and wraps for game consoles and students will utilize our 3D printers to print arcade game parts, such as joy sticks and buttons.

What evidence will you collect to show student gain?   (10 points)
Gains will be evident via a pre and post test on game design and their ecology standards. Students will also show mastery by earning their ICW certification in gaming essentials and their final product will demonstrate their ability to code and create an original arcade style video game.

How will participants share your project results with the community?  (15 points)
Once the Educational Arcade is completed, we will work with our culinary department to host an official ribbon cutting ceremony and invite the public and local media to this event. We will have student representatives hosting and demonstrating the various games and activities. We will also document the process on our class twitter page, school website and district social media.


Service/ Item Description Cost
Field trip to retro arcade and museum for research and design ideas 1000.00
Materials to build gaming consoles, controllers, buttons, Makey Makey, electronic equipment, PLA for 1300.00
iCade bluetooth arcade stands 1200.00
Consumable materials for building/designing arcade, decals, paint, hardware, etc. 600.00
Total Cost of Project 4100.00
Total Requested from TERRA 3000.00
If matching funds identified list source:
Donated Goods/Services:Branding machine, 3D printer, Ribbon cutting cerem 1100.00

I, Michelle Coolican, certify that the application is complete and final, AND I verify that I have received permission to apply for these funds from Robert Bossardet,the Principal of Buddy Taylor Middle School and any other individuals required by my school district.