Mini-Grant Application for School Year 2016-2017

Submitted by: Krista Wilson Email: Grade Level: 6th grade Subject: Science
Co-Applicant: Email: Grade level: Subject:

School: Davidsen Middle School Type: Public Grade Levels:6th County:Hillsborough

Approx. Enrollment: 943 Number of teachers:61 % of Free and Reduced Lunch:63%

School Address:

10501 Montague Street Tampa, FL 33626

Phone: 813-558-5300 Principal:Brent McBrien Email:

Project Title: Design Your Own Rocket to 3-d Print and Launch
Project Dates: March 10th-May 20th, Grade Levels:

Focus Area(s) :3-d integration- math- science - technology

Students will investigate the concepts of force and motion using CAD software and a 3-d printer. Students will use software (Sketchup/Tinkercad) to design fins for Este’s model rockets. Students will study the effect of fin design on rocket height. Students will be challenged to design and print a rocket fin that helps the model rocket achieve maximum height. In order to achieve this, students will need access to computers of a regular basis to conduct research. During the timeframe of the unit of study, all of the school computers are being used to give the state standardized test. By purchasing netbooks for the classroom, students will be able to conduct research and use Sketchup and Tinkercad to study this problem.

1. Students will be challenged to design a fin that helps stabilize the rocket in the air in order to reach the maximum height. The students will have the additional challenge of mastering the software program that works best for them. I will introduce the basics of each program and they can choose the one that best suits their design. The project is innovative as it takes a fun, hands-on activity-building and launching solid-fuel rockets- and puts a technology twist on it by using the software to design and the 3-d printer to print the rocket fins. 2. The standards are: SC.6.P.11.1- Explore the law of conservation of energy by differentiating between potential and kinetic energy. Identify situations where kinetic is transformed into potential energy and vice versa. SC.6P.12.1-Measure and graph distance vs time for an object moving at a constant speed. Interpret this relationship. SC.6P.13.1-Investigate and describe contact and non-contact forces such as electrical, magnetic and gravitational. SC.6.13.2-Explore the law of gravity SC.6.13.3- Investigate and describe how an unbalanced force acting on an object changes its speed, direction of motion or both. 3. This project will encourage long-lasting change in the classroom by developing a sense of wonder and curiosity about science and technology as it relates to force and motion. It has the potential to inspire students to choose careers that involve STEM. 4. The netbooks will be utilized to research flight and fin design. They will have the software loaded onto them (Makerbot and Sketchup) so that they will be ready to use for the project and future projects involving the 3d printer. The school already has two 3-d Makerbot printers and a Makerbot Digitizer.The school also has the rocket kits for students to build in groups of three. So the purchase of the netbooks will enhance the usage of the existing technology and encourage other teachers to use it as well. 5. The evidence I will collect to show student gain is two- fold. I will pre and post-test the students on the Force and Motion concepts to determine how well they mastered the content. I will also have students write journal entries and a summary, as well as take pictures to document their thinking processes and reflect on what they learned and how their thinking changed over the course of the project. 6. Students will share the project results with the community by selecting one student to write an article and send pictures to the community newspaper.


Service/ Item Description Cost
LAPTOP HP NOTEBOOK840 G2 256 GB SSD HD (3 laptops @1062/each) $3186
Total Cost of Project $3186.00
If matching funds identified list source: PTSA Minigrant $186
Donated Goods/Services:
Total Requested From TERRA $3000.00

I, Krista Wilson, certify that the application is complete and final, AND I verify that I have received permission to apply for these funds from Brent McBrien,the Principal of Davidsen Middle School and any other individuals required by my school district.